Girls Varsity Swimming · Girls Varsity Swimming finishes 4th and 11th place at Fenton Tiger Relays

  Place Points
Grand Blanc High School 4th 298

Having a large team of over 50 swimmers and divers, the Bobcats were excited to get the opportunity to take a Grand Blanc A team and Grand Blanc B team to the Fenton Tiger Relays on Saturday. Normally, and in years past, only a small portion of the team would compete in the relay meet. With the opening for another team this year a majority of the Lady Bobcats were able to participate and show the strength of the entire team.

In attendance at the invitational was a mixture of former KLAA opponents, new SVL opponents, and other Genesee County area teams. It was a great meet for Grand Blanc to transition their focus towards the SVL teams while getting to race the KLAA teams that they have enjoyed competing against over the last several years.

The GB divers got the Bobcats off to a great start in the morning. Amanda Smiley and Maddy DuHart finished 4th for the GB A team while Amanda Benchley and first-year diver Marissa Hulleza finished 6th for GB B. During the swimming portion of the meet, the GB A team was able to secure 5 top 3 finishes and the GB B team had 3 top 8 finishes. The 200 Medley Relay of Sophie Curtis, Sarah Anderson, Megan Sieloff, and Tobi Whitmore was Grand Blanc’s champion relay taking the win by almost 2 seconds.

400 Medley Relay
8th – GB A: Elliot Merkel, Harper Merkel, Madi Baliko, Hallie Pruitte
11th – GB B: Marcella Petiprin, Adrianna Hesson, Katie Stone, Lexi Roth
200 Backstroke Relay
2nd – GB A: Julia Groves, Halee Frame, Sophie Curtis, Kaylie Ayers
7th – GB B: Ashley Green, Annabeth Towarnicky, Morgan King, Caroline Corder
200 Freestyle Relay
11th – GB B: Leah Toal, Ishika Gupta, Claudia Yerian, Hope Weems
DQ – GB A:
4×100 IM Relay
3rd – GB A: Megan Sieloff, Sarah Anderson, Halee Frame, Sophie Curtis
10th – GB B: Stephy Diaz, Avery Rosebrough, Maggie Naum, Katie Stone
850 Crescendo Relay
7th – GB A: Tobi Whitmore, Laurel Ferguson, Bailey Schultz, Kaylie Ayers
10th – GB B: Katelyn Armata, Ella Barry, Morgan King, Jenna Nylander
Diving Relay
4th – GB A: Amanda Smiley, Maddy DuHart
6th – GB B: Amanda Benchley, Marissa Hulleza
800 Freestyle Relay
3rd – GB A: Julia Groves, Lydia Ferguson, Bailey Schultz, Hallie Pruitte
7th – GB B: Lexi Roth, Libby Greenlees, Avery Connors, Jenna Nylander
200 Breaststroke Relay
2nd – GB A: Sarah Hartwell, Harper Merkel, Sarah Anderson, Megan Sieloff
6th – GB B: Adriana Hesson, Caroline Corder, Allison Wurtz, Stephy Diaz
400 Freestyle Relay
6th – GB A: Kaylie Ayers, Lydia Ferguson, Elliot Merkel, Hallie Pruitte
12th – GB B: Keelin Massey, Ella Barry, Bryana Sandy, Avery Connors
200 Butterfly Relay
7th – GB A: Emma Francis, Bailey Schultz, Laurel Ferguson, Madi Baliko
11th – GB B: Ashley Green, Hope Weems, Libby Greenlees, Maggie Naum
200 Medley Relay
1st – GB A: Sophie Curtis, Sarah Anderson, Megan Sieloff, Tobi Whitmore
9th – GB B: Annabeth Towarnicky, Katelyn Armata, Jenna Nylander, Marcella Petiprin
400 Freestyle Spees Sprint Relay (8×50 Free)
5th – GB A: Emma Francis, Kaylie Ayers, Laurel Ferguson, Hallie Pruitte, Madi Baliko, Sophie Curtis, Tobi Whitmore, Megan Sieloff

(photo courtesy- Sherri Frame)
(4×100 IM Relay- Left to Right: Halee Frame, Sophie Curtis, Sarah Anderson, Megan Sieloff)