Bobcats News · Class of 2018 – Top Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!
It is noteworthy that of the top 100 highest-GPA members of this class, 40 of them were student athletes and many played more than one sport.  We believe that athletic participation instills teamwork, discipline and leadership and is part of the formula that contributed to their success.  These young men and women epitomize the role of student-athlete!

Baggett, Mitchell C.
Ballard, Justin S.
Brandon, Jillian P.
Bruett, Nicholas S.
Cassel, Ashton R.
Clark, Chase F.
Cyborowski, Cameron J.
Dean, Cherish R.
Delgado, Eric L.
Desai, Aditi S.
Donner, Megan H.
Eltahir, Ahmed A.
Finton, Lucas M.
George, John H.
Gorney, Nicholas M.
Goyette, Cassidy M.
Green-Grabow, Noah S.
Griffel, Joshua D.
Hai, Hamza A.
Hamelink, Sophia M.
Heidenreich, Daniel P.
Hicks, Whitney A.
Huelskamp, Presley J.
Jackson, Alexis R.
Kim, Anthony E.
Levashkevich, Alexandre A.
Lewis, Samantha L.
Linden, Joel D.
Muma, Kierstyn R.
Ray, Joshua M.
Saeed, Rashid E.
Scribner, Donald J. II
Shapiro, Benjamin Y.
Shick, Braedon R.
Silverton, Camryn S.
Tali, Jacob K.
Walter, Erin J.
Waun, Jacob T.
Woodby, Brianna L.