Boys Varsity Track · Grand lanc Boys Track & Field @ D-1 MITCA Team State Meat (5-26-18), @ Macomb-Chippawa Valley HS

The Grand Blanc Boys Track Team finished in 3rd Place with 1087 points at the D-1 MITCA State Team Track and Field Meet this past Saturday at Macomb-Chippaw Valley High School.  There were twelve men’s teams invited into the D-1 competition.  You had to be invited by winning your regional or have had been power ranked during the season. The meet is based on overall team depth.  Three athletes per event all score based on position.  Athletes may and in some cases compete in up to four events as places becomes more important than times.  However, several records were newly established. Twelve team scoring 36-35-34—on down per event.  Relays score double with a 6 point spacing  72-66-60—.


Final Results-


East Kentwood- 1258.5

Grand Blanc- 1087

Macomb Dakota-966.5

Holt- 935

Salem- 921.5

Lansing Waverly- 834.5

Canton- 829

Ann Arbor Skyline- 678

Brownstown Woodhaven- 571

Allen Park- 395

Gross Point North- 247


Full results can be found on or the web page. under MITCA team D-1 Results.