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Boys Middle School Cross Country, Boys Varsity Cross Country · Grand Blanc Boys @ The Regional Meet @ Hess Hathaway Park-Waterford MI. (10-28-17)

The Grand Blanc Boys Cross Country Team Finished in 5th place out of 14 teams at the Regional meet this past Saturday.  The team totaled 129 points.  The team will not advance to the state finals.

Jackson Turnbow finished in 5th place and will go to the state meet as an individual qualifier. 

Mens: 5,000 Meters Varsity Regional Results Grand Blanc HS results:

Time Place Comment Season
Jackson Turnbow 16:32.7 5 [          ] 16:32.7
Johnathan Buck 17:03.2 21 [          ] 17:00.5
Devin Miller 17:08.9 26 [          ] 17:01.72
Brendan Suski 17:25.0 36 [          ] 17:11.6
Austin Rippee 17:33.6 41 [          ] 17:29.63
Cole Sobol 17:48.9 52 [          ] 16:54.83
Carson Humphrey 19:19.8 84 [          ] 17:33.14


Official Team Scores

1. White Lake Lakeland 41
2. Highland-Milford 87
3. Fenton 92
4. Walled Lake Central 101
5. Grand Blanc 129
6. Walled Lake Northern 157
7. Waterford Mott 175
8. Farmington 182
9. Holly 202
10. North Farmington 286
11. West Bloomfield 289
12. Waterford Kettering 340
13. Farmington Hills Harrison 409

1.11Harrison Grzymkowski

15:32.8 PRWhite Lake Lakeland2.12Nick Trevisan

15:37.5 PRFarmington3.12Drew Wenger

15:53.7White Lake Lakeland4.10Adam Jesse

16:23.1 PRFenton5.10Jackson Turnbow

16:32.7 PRGrand Blanc6.11Evan White

16:33.5 SRHighland-Milford7.11Chris Allen

16:34.5 PRWalled Lake Central8.11Noah Fuerst

16:34.6 PRWaterford Mott9.12Nathaniel Corcoran…

16:35.8 PRWalled Lake Northern10.12George Drallos

16:36.9White Lake Lakeland11.10Akshay Reddy

16:38.7Walled Lake Central12.12Angelo Savi ch

16:38.7 SRWhite Lake Lakeland13.10Hunter Fougner

16:39.8 PRWaterford Mott14.10Justin Hill

16:46.2 PRWalled Lake Central15.12Christian Davis

16:46.4White Lake Lakeland16.12Samuel Deardorff

16:48.7Fenton17.9Kazuma Bowring

16:49.4 PRHighland-Milford18.12Luke Caddell

16:50.7 PRHighland-Milford19.12Samuel Schneider

16:53.9Holly20.12Mitchell Chabot

17:02.0Fenton21.10Johnathan Buck

17:03.2Grand Blanc22.11Grant Ballard

17:03.4 PRHighland-Milford23.11Thomas Polak

17:04.8 PRWalled Lake Central24.9Kellen Caldwell

17:06.7 PRHighland-Milford25.12Peter Kennings

17:08.3Fenton26.11Devin Miller

17:08.9Grand Blanc27.11Nolan Day

17:09.1Fenton28.10Carsen Kettle

17:11.1Highland-Milford29.12Josh Saba

17:11.8Farmington30.11Cooper Frederick

17:12.0Holly31.12Tyler Leick

17:14.4 PRWhite Lake Lakeland32.12Nolan Bailey

17:19.8Highland-Milford33.10Logan Canada

17:21.0Fenton34.12Russel Moran

17:21.8Walled Lake Northern35.11Tyler Baur

17:21.9 PRWalled Lake Northern36.12Brendan Suski

17:25.0Grand Blanc37.9Charlie Jakubowski

17:25.8 PRWalled Lake Northern38.12Robert Irwin

17:28.5North Farmington39.10Ben Sheffield

17:31.6Fenton40.11Brandon Tower

17:33.3Waterford Mott41.12Austin Rippee

17:33.6Grand Blanc42.10James Johnson

17:34.0Walled Lake Northern43.12Collin Goan

17:34.5West Bloomfield44.11Tyler Hieber

17:35.8 PRWalled Lake Western45.12Nick Johnson

17:36.5Farmington46.12Adam Snitgen

17:36.8Holly47.12Alex Takla

17:37.8 PRWalled Lake Central48.12Matt Kallabat

17:38.6 SRWaterford Mott49.12Garrett Winfrey

17:38.9West Bloomfield50.9Nolan Weisdorfer

17:42.0Holly51.11Matt Dennison

17:44.2Farmington52.12Cole Sobol

17:48.9Grand Blanc53.10Ryan Berke

17:51.3North Farmington54.10Kiree Kailimai

17:59.4White Lake Lakeland55.12Jarobe Murph

18:00.1West Bloomfield56.11Justin Baker

18:01.8North Farmington57.11Jacob Stoller

18:06.4Walled Lake Northern58.11Jonathon Pierc e

18:10.1Farmington59.12Brenden Harrison

18:11.8Waterford Kettering60.12Jacob Alvarado< /a>

18:13.8 SRHolly61.9Caleb Bartle

18:21.5Waterford Kettering62.10Curt Sutherland

18:22.1 SRWaterford Kettering63.10Bradley Baxter

18:26.4Holly64.11Paul Aren

18:26.6Farmington65.11Hanting Wong

18:30.4Farmington Hills Har…66.12Jordan Earley

18:31.7Walled Lake Northern67.10Nate Bowman

18:32.4Farmington68.9Kyle Harner

18:35.5 PRWaterford Mott69.12Ian Goan

18:37.6West Bloomfield70.12Derek Abbott

18:39.7North Farmington71.10Ryan Kachnowski

18:42.0Walled Lake Western72.12Kyle Carroll

18:42.3Holly73.11Michael Trombetta

18:45.5Walled Lake Central74.9Joe Pohl

18:45.8North Farmington75.11Sean Montgomery

18:53.1North Farmington76.11Jeff Kochever

18:54.9Walled Lake Central77.12Wyatt Wagn er

18:55.4 PRWaterford Mott78.12Dylan Edelman

19:01.5 PRWest Bloomfield79.9Marshall Meyer

19:02.3West Bloomfield80.11David Brooks

19:09.5Walled Lake Western81.12Rimaz Khan

19:10.9North Farmington82.10Zander Newbill

19:14.0 PRWaterford Kettering83.12Connor Rumple

19:19.0West Bloomfield84.11Carson Humphrey

19:19.8Grand Blanc85.10Blake Collins

19:36.5Waterford Kettering86.12Kyle Dennis

19:42.1Waterford Mott87.10Vrjaye Pinlae

20:09.5 PRFarmington Hills Har…88.11Brandon Hall

20:21.0Waterford Kettering89.10Shiv Seshan

20:47.6Farmington Hills Har…90.10Samuel Rienhardt

21:21.1Farmington Hills Har…91.11Charlie Cagigas

21:37.3Walled Lake Western92.11David Dailege

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