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Boys Middle School Cross Country, Boys Varsity Cross Country · Grand Blanc boys CC @ Cass Benton Park (10-03-17). Double dual with Novi & Brighton.

The Grand Blanc Boys CC Team ran this past Tuesday ( 10-3-17) at Cass Benton Park in a double dual meet with Novi and Brighton.  The Boys lost to Novi 16-42 and also lost to Brighton 15-48.  The team is 0-5 in the KLAA.  The team will run at the Portage Invitational this Saturday.

Mens: 5,000 Meters Varsity

Grand Blanc HS results:

Time Place Comment Season
Jackson Turnbow 16:49.03
Devin Miller 17:12.52
Johnathan Buck 17:05.77
Brendan Suski 17:36.3
Austin Rippee 17:29.63
Cole Sobol 16:54.83
Carson Humphrey 18:04
Maxwell Frank 18:34.2
Connor Witham 18:24.9
Justin Ballard 19:10.62
Nate Fowler III 18:56.34
Julian Craw 18:56.85
Anthony Kim 19:49.71
Joseph Dykman 18:25.71
Jacob Teeple 18:42.27
Dylan Morel 21:06
Liam Mackie 20:04.72
Connor Humphrey 18:48.45
Charles Kelley 22:18.4
Maxwell Sobol 20:51.10


Grand Blanc vs. Novi                                      Grand Blanc vs. Brighton.

GB  – 16                                    Novi-42                                      GB-15                                Brighton-15

Turnbow   5th                              Mudel 1st                                                Turnbow  7th                                          Stewart  1st

Miller   7th                                      Mullens 2nd                                            Miller  8th                                             Spamer 2nd

Buck  8th                                         White   3rd                                                Buck  10th                                             Monrow  3rd

Suski  10th                                      Wood  4th                                          Suski 11th                               Spaanstra 4th

Rippee  12th                                 Bohlm  6th                                         Rippee 12th                           Magahan 5th

Sobol, C.  13th                          Schaefer 9th                                               Sobol, C   13th                      Caley  6th

Humphrey,  14th            Gustitus11th                                        Humphrey 14th                    Bustillo 9th