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Boys Varsity Track · Grand Blanc Boys Track vs. Brighton @ Brighton HS, (05-02-17)

The Grand Blanc Boys Track & Field Team Defeated Brighton 97-41 in am KLAA West Division dual Meet held at Brighton High School on May 2nd ,2017.  The Bobcat boys improved their record to 4-0 in the KLAA West division locking down a 7th division championship in the eight years running in the KLAA Division.


Shot Put– 1st Place- Kendrick Green (GB), 49’10.5″,  2nd Place- Aidan Martini (GB), 42′.00.5″, 3rd Place- Brian       Jones (GB)- 41’1.5″.


Discus– 1st Place- Kendrick Green (GB), 136’0.5″  2nd Place- Aidan Martini (GB), 131’11.5″  3rd Place-Klaus (B), 130’10”

Pole Vault– 1st Place- Clark (B), 10’6″,  2nd Place- Erik Martin  (GB), 10’00”,  3rd Place- Lally (B), 10’00”


High Jump– 1st Place- Grimm (B), 6’4″,  2nd Place- Marvin Jennings (GB), 5’6″, 3rd Place- Graham Jones (GB), 5’4″


Long Jump– 1st Place- Grimm (B), 18’11.75″, 2nd Place- Blake Bogan (GB), 18’9″,  3rd Place- Donald Johnson (GB), 18’3″


4x 800 Relay– 1st Place (GB), 8:22.00 ( Popyk, Atkinson, Peterson, Rippee).

4×400 Relay– 1st Place (GB), 3:48.50 ( Popyk, Broussard, Rippee, J Body).

4×200 Relay– 1st Place (GB), 1:35.60 ( Kim, Broussard, J Body, Merrell).

4×100 Relay– 1st Place (GB), 45.40 ( Burkett, Broussard, Mason, Merrell).


110 Hurdles– 1st Place- Graham Jones (GB), 17.30,  2nd Place- Edoff (B), 17.40, 3rd Place- Zawisa (B), 19.90

100 Dash– 1st Place- Ondra Burkett (GB), 11.10,  2nd Place-Carter Merrell (GB), 11.11, 3rd Place-Sequin (B) 11.13

200 Dash– 1st Place- Ondra Burkett (GB), 23.70.  2nd Place- Sequin (B), 23.60, 3rd Place- Charles Kelly (GB), 24.70

300 Hurdles– 1st Place-Zauisa (B), 43.90, 2nd Place- Noah Trieloff (GB), 46.30,  3rd Place- Graham Jones (GB), 47.10

400 Dash– 1st Place- Anthony Kim (GB), 50.70,  2nd Place- Jontz (B),  51.60, 3rd Place- Zawisa (B), 52.20

800m Run– 1st Place- Larry Popyk (GB), 2:06.40, 2nd Place- Jeronn Body (GB), 2:08.50, 3rd Place- Juntz (B) 2:08.90

1600m Run- 1st Place- Chase Clark (GB), 4:39.20, 2nd Place-Spamer (B), 4:39.8  3rd Place-Stewart (B), 4:41.90

3200m Run– 1st Place- Cole Sobol (GB), 10:43.80,  2nd Place- Jackson Turnbow (GB), 10:52.20  3rd Place- Hanna (B), 11:10.90