Multiple Teams · Softball Thanks


I wanted to quickly recognize some of the girls varsity softball team for braving the cold weather to help some future bobcats.  Knowing I was going to be short on help last night I reached out to varsity softball players to see if any girls could come out to help with my 7-9 year olds.  After a day of school and their own practice, seven varsity players came out to Bicentennial Park in less than ideal weather conditions and with smiles on their faces and really created a great memory for the young girls who were in awe of the varsity girls “who get to travel on buses and play all over the state.”  The varsity girls did a great job coaching and keeping the girls motivated and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. They didn’t have to come out but somewhere along the way at Grand Blanc we have instilled these values in our students and it was truly amazing to see them give back and be happy to do it.
Thank you,
Steven Dunk