Boys Middle School Cross Country, Boys Varsity Cross Country · Grand Blanc Boys vs. Pinckney Cross country Dual Meet

The Grand Blanc Boys Cross Country Team defeated Pinckney 18-45 in  KLAA West division dual meet at “The Jewel of Grand Blanc” Golf Course on (9-13-16).


The Bobcats are 1-0 in the division.  The boy Bobcats will run at the Holly cross Country Invitational this Saturday.


1st place   GB-Spencer Atkinson  12th- 17:11

2nd place  GB- Nathan Peterson   12th-  17:18

3rd place   Pinckney    Ryan Talbott  17:30

4th place   GB-  Cole Sobol 11th.-  17:38

5th place   GB- Austin Rippee 11th- 17:48

6th place   GB- Henry Heller  11th- 17:50

7th place   GB-  Lucas Finton 11th-  17:52

8th place   GB – Brendan Suski 11th- 17:54

9th place   Pinckney- Aaron Jarema – 17:59

10th place  GB- Larry Popyk 12th-  18:02

11th place  Pinckney- 18:09

12th place  GB- Jackson Turnbow 9th- 18:18

13th place  GB- Joseph (JP) Dykman 10th- 18:27

14th place  GB- Carson Humphrey 10th- 18:35

15th place  Pinckney – Kyle Przysiecki  18:38

16th place  Pinckney – Lucas Brockway 19:01

17th place  Pinckney – Tyler Debeauclair  19:09

18th place  Pinckney – Jacob Wallace  19:14

19th place  Pinckney – Logan Wiseman  19:15

20th place  GB. – Devin Miller 10th-  19:21

21st place  GB-  Johnathan Buck 9th –  19:24

22nd place  GB- Justin Ballard 11th- 19:47.25

23rd place  GB- Hayden Emmerling 10th- 19:47.59

24th place  Pinckney – Kahler Doyle  19:55

25th place  GB- Connor Humphrey 9th-  20:22

26th place  GB-  Connor Witham  10th- 20:27

27th place  Pinckney- Jack Powers  20:31

28th place  Pinckney- Sullivan Renbert  20:39

29th place  GB- Vincent Andre’ 11th – 20:40

30th place  GB- Jacob Neldon 12th – 20:43

31st place Pinckney-  Gabriel Todd  20:44

32nd place  Pinckney- Andy Bennett-  21:18

33rd place  Pinckney-  Jared Bylski- 21:48

34th place  Pinckney- Zach Westerberg   22;05

35th place GB- Michael Ermiger 9th- 22:08

36th place GB- Logan Edger 9th- 22:29

37th place  Pinckney- Joe Wallace- 22:56

38th place GB.  Maxwell Sobol  9th- 22:57

39th place  Pinckney- Carter Perez – 23:25

40th place Pinckney- Ethan Carlson- 23:26

41st place  Pinckney-  Andrew Etherington – 23:36

42nd place GB- Christian Maurey 10th – 23:42

43rd place  GB- Charles Kelley  25;00